If you're the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity or brand, you can create a Page to represent your organization on To create a Page:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a Page category.
  3. Choose a subcategory and enter the required information.
  4. Check the box next to
  5. Click Get Started.

To continue setting up your Page, fill out the following information:

  1. Category: Depending on the type of Page, you may be prompted to add more categories for your Page to improve its ranking in search. Start typing additional categories (ex: coffee shop, book store) for your Page and select them from the dropdown menu.
  2. Description: Add a description with basic information about your Page.
  3. Websites: Add your website and other sites for your business, like Twitter or Yelp (note: you don't need to include "http://").
  4. Answer one or more questions about your Page:
    • You may be asked if your Page is a real organization, business, celebrity or brand. Choose Yes or No to help people find your Page more easily on .
    • You may be asked if your Page will be the authorized and official representation of an organization, business, celebrity or brand on . If you're not an official representative, click No. You can then choose to connect your Page to the official Page.
  5. Click Save Info.

After saving your info, you can add a profile picture to your Page or create an ad.

  1. Go to the of your Feature PIN.
  2. Click Add a User.
  3. Enter the name or email address of the admin. Keep in mind that you either have to be friends with them on, or the admin’s email address has to be searchable.
  4. Choose the access level and click Add.

Note: When you add another person to your ads account, they can see all the ads you run, not just the ones for your Page.

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